Digital Fabrication & Technology Track
FOAMal Possibilities by Liu, Suarez & Tan
Classical & Traditional Design Track
Heritage Garden House by Leah Culbert
Healthcare Design Track
The Life of Dead Malls by Carlos Morales
Contemporary Theory Track
Abstraction by Diego Macias
Hospitality Design Track
Sutro Aquatic Center by Michelle Wright & Nina Voith
Historic Preservation & Adaptive Use Track
Bauakademie Berlin by Jaclyn Torn

Master of Science in Architecture

The new Master of Science in Architecture is a 3 to 4-semester program that allows enrollment in six different tracks (with a minimum curricular requirement of 30-36 credits).

On the background of interdisciplinarity, the students of the six tracks will oscillate between joint courses for all MSA students, track-specific courses, and courses shared with students from other programs and departments. Each track is represented by a recognized leader in the field and supported by the joint resources of the MSA umbrella.

The program acts as an accelerator and cross-pollinator, in which the confrontation with contemporary problems and themes takes priority over disciplinary silos. Graduates will not only deepen their knowledge in the selected field of specialization but will be able to understand and communicate concepts that originate from other fields.

Through its focus on research, the MSA program provides a contemporary skills and knowledge base for advanced professional application, as much as future doctoral study.

The program is taught in-person on the Coral Gables Campus and (for the Classical Design and Historic Preservation tracks) USoA’s affiliate seat in Rome, but can allow for a hybrid setup during the redaction of the facultative master thesis in the 4th semester of the program.

The STEM-designated degree allows international students to apply for OPT for up to 36 months after graduation.

To find out more about the MSA programs, please contact: 

Eric Firley
Associate Professor
Director of the Master of Science in Architecture
Nicole Hejazi
Associate Director of Graduate Programs
Tel: +1 305 284 3060